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In preparing your Exterior House Painting job we will:
           • Pressure wash house with a detergent to remove                    mildew moss and grime
           • Give house time to dry properly .
           • Scrape all loose and peeling paint.
           • Sand all glossy areas to ensure proper adhesion .
           • Apply high quality primers to all bare wood.
           • Caulk all splits in wood, windows and door frames                         for proper protection from water and weather damage.
           • All driveways, sidewalks and bushes will be covered
             and protected

Exterior Painting
           • All siding and trim will be hand brushed and rolled,                           meeting all the manufactures specifications.

Final Inspection :

           • Our painting crew will do a final inspection on there                           own to ensure that all work and cleanup is complete.
           •  All touch-paint is labeled and left with the customer
           •  After the customer does a final inspection an invoice                      will be submitted for payment.